St. Cloud Grudge Match- Review

We had 78 cars participate, and around 60 spectators through the day. Overall I'd say the day was a 7 out of 10. Classing still needs improvement, and need to address the gap between Stock V8's and modified turbos. 

We did have one incident where signage was an issue, but the sign is only good if people choose to read them. 

Waters and brats sold well due to the heat, sold a bunch of apparel surprisingly and the stickers went alright. 

We still need to get some more attractive flags for the front entrance so drivers know where to pull into, and maybe some cleaner table clothes for the food/merchandise tent (second tent?) 

Again, had an amazing turnout with tons of smiles and support. Even got people from SD and WI to head over and give us a try. Our brand is spreading and getting awareness. 

Things to work on in order
1) Classing and timing discrepancies.
2) Focus really hard on the next 2 events for how much staff you need, and what the bottleneck is. 
3) Lock in contracts for locations for 2022 and get the series information completed before 12/31/2021.