2022 Autocross Season

Hello! Below is the proposed schedule for the 2022 Autocross schedule. Please remember these are all subject to change, but this is what we have laid out. As you will notice, August doesn't have a location (yet) because we are looking to book with a couple venues that don't release their schedule till March.

4/23 Minnesota Highway Research Development Center
5/21 Running Aces Casino
6/25 Minnesota State Fairgrounds (the big lot)
6/26 Minnesota State Fairgrounds (the big lot)
7/30 Minnesota Highway Research Development Center
9/24 Minnesota Highway Research Development Center

We are using this classing system for next years autocross events.
SNA-Street Naturally Aspirated (Stock 4 and 6 cylinders).
SS- Super Street - Factory turbo/supercharged 4 and 6 cylinder cars.
GT - Grand Touring - American/and other V8 GT cars - Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, 300, GTO, Mercedes V8, Lexus V8, G8, etc.
SGT- Super Grand Touring - Factory Sports cars. (C5 and higher Corvettes, vipers, GTRs, Porsche gt2/gt3, Exige, other exotics go here)
SU- Street Unlimited - Cars with Full cages, stripped of factory safety devices. Full on Race cars. Motor swap cars will also go here.

Points will be awarded as 1st-30, 2nd-28, 3rd-26, 4th-24, 5th-22, 6th-20, 7th-18, 8th-16, 9th-14, 10th-12, 11th-10, 12th-8, 13th-6, 14th-4, 15th-2, 16th and beyond get 0.

For the season points total, we will take your best finishes from 5 of the 7 events. Meaning you don't have to make it to each event.

If you are running multiple cars, you will only receive points for the first vehicle you drive. We want to keep this fair and if you run the course 6 times before your session with another vehicle, it gives you an unfair advantage. You can ride along with someone, but once you drive, that will be your vehicle you receive points for.

Costs will be $70 for 6 laps at any of the events. We want to keep the costs the same  instead of charging extra for a premium event. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to message us or send us an email. Stay safe this winter, and we will see you on 4/23! 

We are looking for sponsors that would be interested.
$500 Title Sponsor- Your company name hosting the event included on the season flyer (above), individual flyer for each event and on each trophy created for the event (15 of them)

$300 Trophy Sponsors- Your company name and logo on the trophies and individual flyer for each event.

$100 Flyer Sponsors- Your company name on the individual flyer for each event.

At any level of sponsorship, you will receive an Orange T-shirt as a thank you from us, and are welcome to spectate at any event all year. Sponsoring at any level will also receive 1 ticket to participate.