2024 Classing/Rules/Tech Information

SNA-Street Naturally Aspirated (Stock 4 and 6 cylinders)-
SS- Super Street - Factory turbo/supercharged 4 and 6 cylinder cars
GT - Grand Touring - American/and other V8 GT cars - Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, 300, GTO, Mercedes V8, Lexus V8, G8, etc
SGT- Super Grand Touring - Factory Sports cars. (C5 and higher Corvettes, vipers, GTRs, Porsche gt2/gt3, Exige, other exotics go here)
SU- Street Unlimited - Cars with full cages, motors swaps, cars with added forced induction. 
U- Karts, non production vehicles, the cool stuff.

Bring your own Snell or DOT rated helmet. Spectators are restricted to the spectator portion of the track. Please arrive on time, with a full tank of fuel, and a chair to spectate until your run group. 

We honor a self tech. Please ensure your vehicle is in proper working condition, your tires don't have cords showing and have the proper brake fluid. Please ensure your vehicle doesn't leak. 

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